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.: Proofs :.

Welcome to the proofing section of our site. From here you can select the client's photo set that you want to review and order from. You will find the list below arranged with the most recent events at the top then assending by last name. When you click on the link to view their photos you will be required to use the username and/or password that was provided to you. If you have any problems please e-mail or call us (262-244-0715).

Choose the Pictures

Oct 17, 2010 Sonderman, Ashley
Sept 10, 2010 Bach, Kathy
Sept 2, 2010 Kavelaris, Kris
June 7, 2010 Garner Family
June 2, 2010 Donovan & Jorgenson
May 23, 2010 Maggio Family
May 16, 2010 Howard Family
May 16, 2010 Sullivan Family
May 16, 2010 Thompson Family
May 15, 2010 Mielke Family
May 15, 2010 Perik Family
May 15, 2010 Weisbrodt Family
May 15, 2010 Gundrum Family
May 15, 2010 Fox, Ron & Renatta
May 8, 2010 Bell, Ashley
Apr 28, 2010 Vance, Jenny
Mar 20, 2010 Meyer, John & Kelly
Mar 14, 2010 Mad Hatter Party
Dec 17, 2009 Westbrook 09 Staff Christmas Party
Nov 10, 2009 NC Team Meeting
Oct 28, 2009 Milwaukee InDesign User Group Mtg
Oct 25, 2009 Grainger, Brian & Crystal
Aug 30, 2009 Hanon, Dwayne & Rita
Aug 15, 2009 Beach, Shaun & Evie
Aug 9, 2009 Rife Family
June 13, 2009 Neumann Family Shoot
Dec 10, 2008 Kellner, Danielle

Navigating the Gallery

Once in the gallery you can click on any image to see a bit larger view. In this view, with the thumbnails across the top, you can put your mouse over the image and you will see a panel appear on the left side of the image. Here you can choose several options. One of which is “dim the lights” which allows you to move at your pace through the images as large as you have the window on your screen (click X in the upper right to exit this mode). You can also click the slideshow button in the upper right. This will fill your screen and play the pictures one at a time as large as your monitor is. In this mode you can move your mouse towards the bottom of the screen and pause the images to inspect them if you like or advance backward or forward as well.

When you pick the image you’d like you can add it to the cart (with the button in the upper right). You will be presented with the options of the various products that can be produced from the image by the fulfillment companies that I’m working with. Once you select a product you will be presented with numerous options. For example if you choose an 8x12 photo you will then have the option to crop the image, add a mat and or frame and glass, etc. You will be able to actually see what the frame looks like right in the preview window if you choose to add a frame or mat. Under the color correction option you can choose a true metallic paper or convert your image to black and white or sepia if you wish. Of course additional prints and/or sizes from the same image or others can be added to your cart with the same numerous options.

You can then check out and complete your payment with a credit card or paypal. You will receive a confirmation of your order/payment. At this point I will spend some extra time retouching the image/s that you choose before your order is submitted to the fulfillment company. Once I complete that step and submit the order it will only be a few days till you receive your order.


We offer hundreds of products from which you can choose. Prints of your photos are available as well as greeting cards, mouse pads, puzzels and key chains. For a complete selection enter a gallery and add an item to the cart. You can personally custom crop an image before printing if you like. You can also purchase frames and matting for any print as well as add luster coating, which adds a beautiful sheen and provides additional protection to your product. Luster coating also protects against fingerprints and UV rays to keep your print beautiful for years.

Are you thinking of doing something different with that great photo? Consider a standout. Your photo can be printed on your choice of E-Surface, Metallic or True Black & White paper. It is then mounted on a 1.5" thick Gatorfoam board and trimmed in either black or white. It will arrive ready to hang. Luster coating can be added to add a beautiful sheen as well as provide additional protection to your product. It protects against fingerprints and UV rays to keep your print beautiful for years.

gallery wrapback

The gallery wrap is a beautiful choice for those extra special photos. Your photo is printed on canvas and wrapped around a 1.5" wooden stretcher frame. It will arrive ready to hang.

gallery wrap


Product Prices
Print Products Price
Mini-Wallets (set of 8) $4
Wallets (set of 4) $4
4x6 Print $2
5x7 Print $5
8x10 Print $9
10x13 Print $23
11x14 Print $32
16x20 Print $72
20x24 Print $90
24x36 Print $203
Showcase Products Price
8x10 Standout $48
11x14 Standout $76
16x20 Standout $133
20x30 Standout $209
8x10 Canvas Gallery Wrap $105
10x10 Canvas Gallery Wrap $105
11x14 Canvas Gallery Wrap $133
10x20 Canvas Gallery Wrap $143
16x20 Canvas Gallery Wrap $171
20x24 Canvas Gallery Wrap $209
24x36 Canvas Gallery Wrap $323
Stationary & Gift Products Price
Calendars $4
Greeting Cards (4x8 with envelope) $2
8x12 Puzzle $20
Mousepad $12
Mugs $16
Keychain $3
Magnet $5
Digital Products Price
Personal Use (1 Megapixel - good for 4x6 Prints) $25
Personal Use (3 Megapixel - good for 8x10 Prints) $50
Personal Use (5 Megapixel - good for 10x12 Prints) $75

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